Wiring up West Corporation


When Miller began working with West Corporation, it was a small but powerful pioneer of inbound telemarketing.  

West steadily grew, increasing its workforce to 5,000 employees by 1992, when it added two buildings to its existing operations in Omaha and San Antonio.  

These two projects ignited an explosive growth spurt that resulted in 25,000 new employees being added over the next ten years. 

West’s rapid growth brought serious challenges. It needed to go from selecting a city to occupying a completed building within a few months. That’s not easy to do when you don’t have any local contacts, and it’s doubly difficult for a project as complex as a call center.  

West rose to the challenge by organizing a team of three contractors it knew it could trust. That team, along with West facilities manager Kelly Olds, traveled to cities to select and manage local contractors.  

In the end, all you have is you name.

Miller’s project manager talked to city officials, found local electrical contractors with similar values and then managed the team onsite. 

That system worked remarkably well. Today, Miller continues to maintain electrical work in West’s Omaha facilities. 


  • 30 call centers constructed across America, each in less than 5 months 
  • Coordination with city officials in multiple locations 
  • Management of local contractors 
  • Call center construction expertise