Powering Innovation at LinkedIn Office Building

LinkedIn Building

Miller Electric was privileged to provide electrical and low voltage services for LinkedIn’s new office building, which is now the company’s fourth largest work base in North America.

Located at 132nd and Pacific streets, the Fitwell and LEED Gold-certified facility incorporates a number of innovative and attractive features including solar canopies in the parking lot that produce 13 percent of the building’s power. 

Miller Electric also helped with the installation of a cutting edge VergeSense analytics system as well as DAS and public safety antenna systems. 

In the end, all you have is your name.

Miller Electric worked with MCL and all the other trades involved in the project to meet LinkedIn’s precise design specifications to deliver a building that lives up to its goal of retaining and recruiting top talent.  


  • Chef-run commercial kitchen with free lunches for employees
  • 200,000 square foot facility 
  • Gym
  • Walking trails
  • Art installations
  • Collaboration and innovation spaces
  • Creativity nooks
  • Music room and resting rooms
  • Shared spaces called ‘neighborhoods’ for employees to work together or alone