Servicing St. John’s Church

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When the historic St. John’s Church was constructed in the early 1900s, it provided a home to Omaha’s largest Catholic congregation.

However, over time, the electrical wiring fell into disrepair. To keep this beautiful local treasure from becoming unsafe to congregants and staff, work was needed to update its old, yet still hot, knob, tube and brittle cloth wiring. 

In addition to abundant cracked insulation and brittle cloth wires, the team found hidden outlet boxes covered in plaster, burned up plugs and an old 60 amp panel with exposed busbars which posed a definite safety concern.  

Problem solved before it becomes one.

Thanks to Miller’s dedication to customer service and attention to detail, St. John’s Parish staff can work safely and its members can worship without fear or threat of electrical fire. 


  • Traced every circuit 
  • Replaced old and unsafe wires with new THHN wires 
  • Found old wiring without use of blueprints 
  • Worked around mass and staff schedules to keep things up and running