Cabling Carson Wealth’s New Headquarters

Carson Wealth 1

Miller Electric was privileged to provide low voltage cabling services for Carson Wealth’s headquarters complex through our relationship with Tetrad Property Group and alongside JE Dunn Construction.

The clean, futuristic — yet still warm — six-story glass building features high-tech and social amenities designed to attract top talent to the Omaha area. 

Omaha-based architect firm, Leo A Daly, nicknamed the facility’s design “Ascend” because of its upward-sweeping rooflines, and said it was inspired by Carson’s corporate ethos to be, “Guided by growth [and to] live life by design, not default.” 

In the big picture, every detail matters.

Miller Electric worked with Carson Wealth directly to deliver cabling infrastructure to their precise specification. As is true of every project to which we contribute, it was important to us to both meet their needs now, and make it easy for them to meet any future needs down the road. 


  • Amenities hub with café and fitness facilities
  • Skybridge
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Unique multi-purpose lobby that functions as a stairway and gathering space
  • Courtyards and green space for hosting picnics, bands and events
  • Transparent exterior that invites ample interior daylighting to a mix of private and collaborative workspaces