Supporting Renewable Energy in Omaha


Miller Electric is helping boost solar energy in Omaha, thanks to a partnership between OPPD and UNMC.

In 2018, we were an integral part of the solar panel installation for Nebraska’s largest rooftop solar array. 

The project, which was designed by Morrissey Engineering and executed by Boyd Jones Construction, will create 500 kilowatts of solar energy capacity, which is equal to the average amount of electricity used each year by about 60 homes.  

 In the big picture, every detail matters.

From the tiniest detail to the thousand-foot view, we give every project we tackle our full and complete attention. The solar panels we wired for this project will help UNMC meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. To achieve that big picture goal, all the details of this project had to be implemented exactly right. It’s just one step that we’re thankful to help UNMC make on the path to achieving its ambitious green energy goals.


  • Nebraska’s largest rooftop solar array 
  • Creates 500 kilowatts of solar energy capacity 
  • Goal to have UNMC carbon neutral by 2030