A Long History with Nebraska Medicine


Miller Electric has been working with Nebraska Medicine (previously named the Nebraska Medical Center) since 1975, but the center’s roots date back to 1869 – the same year Union Pacific helped finish the first transcontinental railroad.  

Nebraska Medicine’s internationally recognized transplant program has made it one of the most respected health care centers in Nebraska. And, with over 1000 physicians on staff, it’s also the largest. 

Over their 35 years with Nebraska Medicine, Miller has performed thousands of man hours of service and become an essential part of day-to-day operations.  

So when the center’s forward-thinking leadership began a sweeping initiative to make the hospital more efficient, they turned to Miller Electric for help.  

Value is priceless.

Miller investigated the center’s aging power systems and lighting. Initial estimates showed that a lighting retrofit could save Nebraska Medicine nearly 30% on yearly energy bills – that was enough to pay off the renovations in less than two years. The Nebraska Medicine team immediately saw the project’s potential.  

As Nebraska Medicine continues to look towards the future, they’ve also planned major upgrades across their electrical infrastructure. 


  • Modern, efficient lighting 
  • Building control systems 
  • State-of-the-art flywheel UPS 
  • Consolidated power distribution gear for three buildings