Amping Up the Safety at Montclair Elementary


Montclair Elementary School is like a number of other schools across Omaha. It was built well into the late 1960s and has been upgraded over time to keep up with students’ changing learning, development and technology needs.  

However, like many other schools, the electrical wiring has not always kept pace with the other updates. Without regular and proper maintenance, including necessary upgrades, a school’s electrical infrastructure can sometimes be an accident waiting to happen.  

That was the case with Montclair Elementary, which experienced a dangerous equipment failure during school hours in March 2016. 

We’ve got your back.

Miller Electric received an emergency call to respond to an electrical fire in Montclair’s main switch gear and distribution panel. Thankfully, no students or staff were injured from the blast.  

Miller was on the scene quickly and went to work devising a plan to fix the faulty electrical equipment.  

Thanks to Miller’s quick response and thorough understanding of preventative maintenance, Millard Public School district decided to implement Miller’s proactive TEGG service plan for all its schools with outdated or older electrical equipment.  

Going forward, Miller Electric technicians will safely and routinely monitor the schools’ electrical and low voltage equipment. This will ensure they are up to code and operating properly, protecting students and staff from the threat of electrical failure and fire for years to come.


  • Responded to an electrical fire in the main switch gear and distribution panel 
  • Replaced 1200A main circuit breaker and distribution panel 
  • School reopened after three days of inactivity