Wiring Cabela’s Data Center for Success

General Cabelas

As an undisputed leader in the outdoor equipment business, Cabela’s has developed a reputation for high quality outdoor products, showroom-style retail stores and world-class customer service.

So, it seems fitting that the world’s foremost outfitter should have the world’s foremost data center.  

When it came time for Cabela’s to construct its data center, the company asked Miller Electric to design and install it because they knew that Miller could provide the same attention to detail that Cabela’s is known for. 

Value is priceless.

“We’ve done so many data center projects that we now generate many of the best practices in the industry,” said Brian Reiling, Miller Electric Project Manager. “We work hand in hand with engineers sharing our knowledge about everything from high level design to everyday details like setting up racks with high density boards.”  

Miller’s expertise shows up in the forward-looking framework and multiple redundancies we install into the data centers we design. Unfortunately, it’s common for other installers to create data centers that are too small and too slow to keep pace with the ever-advancing technology. By contrast, Miller certifies data centers against obsolescence. 


  • Intimate knowledge of bandwidth, cooling and electrical demands 
  • Capabilities for safely, quietly and efficiently processing large volumes of monthly business 
  • Forward-looking design 
  • First-rate customer services