An Update on Miller Electric’s Construction Wireman Program

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We at Miller Electric are excited to give everyone an update on our Construction Wireman (CW) program. This longstanding program was designed to drive recruitment of construction wiremen, ensuring we always have an efficient and effective workforce. We are happy to say that the program has been — and continues to be — a success, and we continue to see interest from the community.

The construction wireman is a valuable position at Miller, as well as in the industry in general, helping to deliver the kind of quality work that our clients have come to expect. Recruiting and training new electricians in this position helps us ensure all our projects are well staffed and operate effectively and efficiently. In addition, we can provide more employment opportunities to the Omaha community.

As a truly entry-level position in the commercial electrical industry, being a construction wireman offers many benefits. CW program participants need no prior industry experience, and a high school diploma is the minimum education requirement.

For new employees, the position offers competitive pay when compared to entry level positions in other industries. Over the course of five years, construction wiremen also have the opportunity for significant pay increases. But most importantly, the position provides participants the opportunity to earn while they learn — getting hands-on training in the electrical industry, working alongside highly skilled and experienced professionals who are always eager to educate.

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“It’s our job to keep them safe, to teach,” said Adam Elsasser, EL field operations manager. “I assign people to projects that I know they will be able to handle according to their level of training.”

When it comes to workplace safety, responsibility is important. Knowing that many of the CWs have limited to no construction and electrical experience, we have a number of opportunities for them to learn in a controlled environment under closer supervision — such as in our prefab shop. There are plenty of jobs to do that do not involve charged electric work, and the CWs only work harder jobs when we know for sure that they are trained and ready to do so.

The CWs have been a great help to Miller — and, by extension, the Omaha community at large. With a reliable work pool to draw from, we are always able to dedicate resources wherever they are needed the most.

“At Miller, we want you to be here for your whole career,” said Elsasser. “Everybody from our folks in the office to our guys in the warehouse work hard to do their best for our customers. Everyone is a cog in the machine that churns out great service, the more people we have available to dedicate to our jobs, the more jobs we get from a satisfied community. It is a cycle.”

The results we’ve seen so far from this program have us eager for its future, and the future of the industry at large. “We have an obligation to make the future better for the industry as a whole, and the CW program is an excellent contribution to that future.”

If you’re interested in the Miller Electric construction wireman program, be sure to contact Adam Elsasser at


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