Behind the Build: Miller Electric Crew Powers Rotella’s Expansion

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Miller Electric and Rotella’s have something in common — both are century-old businesses that feel like families. In Rotella’s case, they are still family-owned today — and growing. 

Recently, Miller Electric completed work on a new 220,000-square-foot cold storage distribution facility near Schram Road and 156th St. The facility will help Rotella’s deliver bread products faster to clients at home and across the country. Speaking of his company’s growth to the NE Examiner, third-generation CEO Louis Rotella Jr. said, “We’re a family-owned business. We want the feel of everything, with our employees, to still be family.” 

That sentiment resonates with Adam Elsasser, field operations manager, who says the relationship Miller Electric forged with the Rotella family and its company has blossomed into something everyone can take pride in. 

“It’s cool to expand and grow west with Rotella’s,” Elsasser said. “This will be a game-changer for them and is a really cool project that guys can drive by and take pride in telling their families about.” 

“From the chillers to the motor control centers and electrical equipment to all the cable and wiring throughout the cold storage facility, our crew of apprentices, journeymen electricians, cablers, wiremen and foremen have done a great job here.” 

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From Dirt to Finish

Jessie White, general foreman, describes the work that his talented crew completed as everything that was needed for the job, ‘from dirt to finish.’  

“There were lots of battery charges, gear setting and piping and a pump house, which was totally fun to work with,” White said. “There were also three different fire alarm systems that required a Frick panel to tie the HVAC, evaporators, condensers and compressors together to work with the ammonia system and the fire alarm for shutdown.” 

There was also a two-story office area with a maintenance shop, two docks for shipping and receiving, and security and ethernet, which Miller Electric’s Low Voltage team handled. 

Miller Electric Takes Pride in What is Covered Up

Accolades often go to people who design stunning buildings or plan outdoor landscapes that awe visitors. At Miller Electric, we pride ourselves on what’s under the concrete and behind the drywall.  

Seth Conroy is a fifth-year apprentice who is ready to become a journeyman wireman in a few months. “Sarge,” as the crew calls him, said he enjoys working in the powerhouse room where the bones of the cold storage facility are. 

“I’ve been here from the beginning, starting with all the underground work, which is beneath the 60-foot-tall wire racks assembled to store pallets of product,” Conroy said. “I really enjoyed the challenge of installing lighting at heights and uneven ground, working carefully together as a team to get every detail right.”  

The Crew Makes or Breaks the Job

Conroy says no matter how hard a particular day might be, the guys on the team make it all worthwhile. 

“I love the people here. It’s kind of like the military. You’re going to have rough times, but the people you work, eat and share stories with – they make or break the crew. And the crew makes or breaks the job,” Conroy said. 

Angus Miller, journeyman electrician, agrees. He’s been with Miller Electric for six years and says the Rotella’s job ranks right up there with some of his other favorites, which include the LinkedIn office building and Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center.  

“The crew is really good,” Miller said. “It’s great getting up in the morning and coming in and seeing your buddies. Rogs is a good guy. The guys here are the best part of the job.” 

First-Timer Learns Something New Every Day

Lincoln Trip, first-year apprentice, has been pulling wire for the fire alarm system and says every day brings a different location and an opportunity to learn from experienced crew members. 

“Where you pull the wire changes day-to-day – up high, inside, outside,” Trip said. “I came from Prefab to this site, which is my first real job. I’m working with Jake right now, who is a journeyman wireman. He’s teaching me a lot. Every guy I’ve worked with is great and has taught me a ton.” 

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When the Project Wraps, the Work Goes On

Another unique aspect of Miller Electric’s manpower is that from its prefab department, which was instrumental in the lighting and MC for the offices at the beginning of the project to ongoing service work after the facility is complete, our experienced crew members can continue to meet all of a client’s needs. 

 That’s the case here, where Corey Ainsworth, an electrician who handles Rotella’s projects, is helping transition from installation and construction to completion. When the job is over, he’ll know the lay of the land and will be able to operate the maintenance work knowledgeably.  

It’s one more step in the journey between two good companies powered by great crews. 

Crew Callout

We’d like to recognize the talented team members who made the Rotella’s Cold Storage Facility job a success. Thanks to everyone for proving that Miller Electric has Man(power) enough for the job by showing that our team has the numbers and the expertise to tackle the largest jobs while giving personal attention to the smallest details! 

3 Crew

First  Last 
Corey  Ainsworth 
Joel  Arellano 
Azizaqua  Ataye 
Nic  Benak 
Orion  Berg 
Christopher  Bochtler 
Seth  Brandt 
Malcom  Bussen 
Larry  Cechin 
Seth  Conroy 
Dave  Cox 
Jose  Delcid 
Jayden  Elsasser 
Adam  Elsasser 
Curtis  Farmer 
Jeremy  Fisher 
Eric  Frahm 
Casey  Freyer 
Tre  Frizzell 
Briar  Gale 
Chris  Galer 
Josue  Gomez 
Alfredo  Gonzalez 
Nate  Graves 
Brandon  Grubaugh 
Kurt  Hamilton 
Heath  Hargens 
Brooke  Harris 
Jeffrey  Hathaway 
Cole  Heimer 
Thaddeus  Howe 
James  Hunter 
James  Hunter 
Tyler  Incontro 
Jacob  Jones 
Jacob  Jones 
Jay  Kawecki 
Robbie  Kent 
Andrew  Kindler 
Dave  Klimiuk 
Kyle  Kuehn 
Colby  Ladehoff 
Colin  Larsen 
Ken  Madison 
Lonnie  Malone 
Joe  Marcuzzo 
Andrew  Martinez 
Michael  Mass 
Angus  Miller 
Joel  Morales 
Jay  Morris 
Derek  Munyon 
Gavyn  Napier 
Chris  Nightser 
Kevin  O’Neill 
Brian  Ochoa 
David  Olsen 
Trever  Pfeiffer 
Julio  Ponce 
Gabriel  Quandt 
Mark  Rahaman 
Tony  Redfern 
Riley  Redinbaugh 
Larry  Rodasky 
Byron  Roenfeld 
Joshua  Salakar 
Travis  Schneider 
Dustin  Schneiderwind
Austin  Schuler 
Steve  Sebranek 
Corbin  Sewing 
Cavan  Short 
Angelo  Spillane-Reighard 
James  Starr 
Ryan  Stoddard 
Lucas  Tapsoba 
Isaac  Tarver 
Joel  Thayer 
Lincoln  Tripp 
Kyle  Trost 
Griffin  Trude 
Marc  Tunstall 
McKenzie  Welchert 
Mark  Whannell 
Grant  Whisney 
Jesse  White 
Brendan  White 
Alex  Wilterdink 
William  Woehler 


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