Two Days, Two Horrific Safety Accidents

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In Omaha recently, an employee of a pallet company climbed under the feeder table to a saw. The power-driven table caught hold of the employee’s hair, scalping her and leaving her badly injured. The next day another company experienced a worker fatality when the employee was airing up a large tire. After accidentally over-inflating the tire, it exploded, killing the employee.

These recent, terrible incidents underscore the need for being vigilant about worker safety. As part of Miller Electric’s ongoing commitment to ensuring worker safety, we are sharing a recent conversation that our Safety Director Scott Love, held with Safety Consultant Doug Fletcher on Fletcher’s new Safety Podcast, What’s the Hazard.

Freshen Up Your Electrical Safety Perspective

A past OSHA inspector, Fletcher now runs Fletcher Safety Consulting and hosts a podcast about safety matters in the workplace. In his new year episode, Fletcher talked with Love about NFPA 70E and other construction safety topics.

Fletcher complemented Love for his longstanding commitment to keeping workers safe.

“You do a lot for the community for local safety organizations and groups in addition to your 24-hour a day, seven day a week job for Miller. You participate in NECA and other safety groups around here. Ten years ago, you contacted OSHA when I was the compliance assistance person and said, we have some issues with the way we interpret some of the regulations and how OSHA is enforcing some of the regulations. That was one of the best cooperative experiences that I was a part of as an OSHA person….We realized we were misinterpreting some stuff and had to change the way we were enforcing things. That was important to the contractors. It was interesting.”

Want to hear what else Fletcher and Love had to say about electrical construction safety in this episode of What’s the Hazard?

Click here to listen to the podcast episode now!


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