Miller Electric Named One of Nebraska’s Safest Companies — Again

Miller Electric is honored to have been named one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies by the National Safety Council of Nebraska for a second straight year.

The distinction is recognition of the fact that Miller Electric has an exemplary safety record that is more than 50 percent better than the national average achieved by other commercial electrical contractors.

Safety Without Shortcuts

Safety has long been part of our culture at Miller Electric. From arc flash safety training to building and promoting multiple prefab facilities, nothing matters more than getting our employees and clients home safely to their families at the end of every day.

We take safety so seriously that we’ve built our entire culture around it.

“In our line of work, when what you do can easily result in life-threatening injuries, it’s of critical importance to make sure every one of our electricians, wiremen and even our customers follow the protocols and codes designed to keep us safe,” says Miller Electric Safety Director Scott Love. “The need to prioritize safety is even greater now as we continue to endure the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

The Benefits of Working Safely

Last year, Miller Electric’s culture of safety resulted not just in a positive environment for workers, but also in a low mod score, or EMR – experience modification rate. A mod score is like a golf score; the lower, the better. Our last three years is one of the best EMR’s trends in our history.

In one sense, that means we’re just as good if not better at promoting and maintaining a culture of safety than we have ever been. Fewer employees are experiencing on the job injuries, which is what we want.

Celebrating Safety

We’re looking forward to participating virtually in the National Safety Council, Nebraska’s luncheon honoring Nebraska’s Safest Companies. While the luncheon is usually an in-person event, it will be conducted virtually this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

International speaker Alan Mallory will be sharing his experience setting a world record climbing Mount Everest with three members of his immediate family. His expedition required two years of planning and two months of climbing, but yielded valuable lessons about overcoming obstacles through future planning, risk management, adaptation and looking out for one another.

We’re grateful to be honored as one of our state’s safest companies and will work hard to remain so in the weeks and years ahead.

If you operate a commercial or industrial facility and are interested in learning how to work safely, explore our arc flash safety training and make sure you’re doing all you can to operate and perform maintenance on electrical equipment safely.


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