Miller Electric Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Omaha

When General Motors announced in January that it plans to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2035, Miller Electric’s Matt Wickencamp and Jeremy Overman weren’t surprised. They’ve seen demand for electric vehicle charging station installations rise steadily in Omaha, both at new builds as well as to existing facilities.

“As auto manufacturers produce more electric vehicles, there is growing demand for onsite charging stations,” says Overman, Electrical Risk Consultant for Miller Electric. “Businesses are increasingly interested in adding electric vehicle charging stations to their campuses. It only makes good sense from a customer service and competitive standpoint to add electric vehicle charging stations.”

Wickencamp, who is an Electrician for Miller Electric, agrees, saying there are many reasons businesses, grocery stores, malls and others are choosing to install stations where people can charge their electric cars.

“The future of vehicles is electric power and soon we will need stations everywhere,” he says. “Not only will a business be contributing to promoting a cleaner environment, but it can also help attract great employees. Plus, businesses may be eligible for incentives and tax rebates, such as a federal tax credit for installing an electric vehicle charging station.”

Miller Electric’s Partnership with ChargePoint Stations

Miller Electric provides the installation and certification requirements for ChargePoint stations and is in the process of arranging a preferred pricing program for its customers.

“We want to make the entire process as convenient and attractive as possible to building owners and businesses, so we’re working on a turnkey solution that will offer competitive pricing with fast, safe and efficient installation,” says Overman.

Benefits of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

There are many aspects that make EV stations attractive to businesses and facility owners. Chief among them are ease, convenience, safety and reliability. ChargePoint stations are specifically designed for fleet and multi-family applications and are ideal for both depot charging, where a business has a fleet of electric vehicles, and businesses with assigned parking spots for electric cars.

The CPF25 Level 2 stations Miller Electric installs are incredibly efficient and include the following benefits:

  • Charges that deliver up to an extra 25 miles of range per hour
  • Full charge in less than 4 hours for some vehicles
  • Standard SAE J1772 connection capable of charging any vehicle
  • ENERGY STAR certified to use 40% less energy than a standard charger in standby mode


One station can accommodate adjacent spaces, maximizing available space and capacity. Panel sharing intelligently and dynamically distributes power output to all electrical vehicles plugged in, allowing for dynamic sharing of one 40A circuit between two parking space. Additionally, vehicles can be charged on a scheduled basis, during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lowest, to further minimize cost.

“There’s really never been a better time than now for building owners to install electric vehicle charging stations,” Wickencamp says. “The benefits and incentives make them more attractive and affordable than ever.”

Are you interested in making it easier for employees and customers to charge their electric cars at your facility? Contact Jeremy Overman now at for preferred pricing information!


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