From Twinax to Fiber, Tom Parks Remembers 30 Years of Low Voltage Service


As Tom Parks retires this month, we’d like to thank him for three decades of faithful leadership as Miller Electric’s secretary and Low Voltage Vice President.

When Parks started with Miller Electric in 1991, he and his team were pulling coax and Twinax to computer workstations. Thirty years later, it’s all four-pair cable and fiber.

That’s just some of the change he experienced over the course of his career with Miller Electric.

Parks Saw Low Voltage Services Start, Takeoff at Miller Electric

In the early 1990s, the low voltage department was a fraction of the size it is today. Parks was instrumental in growing it to what it is now, and along the way he consistently stressed quality assurance and maintaining a standard of excellence for design, estimating and management.

“Pre-2000, we used our inside wiremen and women for low voltage cabling, and they did a wonderful job!” Parks recounts.

“The IBEW formed a low voltage classification in 2000 that brought another pool of talent to the commercial electrical scene. While we were certainly winning our share of low voltage projects prior to 2000, the new agreement really kickstarted the surge of commercial electrical contractors into this area of work, and opened the door for a variety of new service offerings. It also provided an avenue for training, which really separated our program from the competition.”

After 30 Years, Parks Will Miss People Most

When asked what he will miss most about Miller Electric, Parks was quick to say it will be the people.

“It goes without saying, that I will miss all the folks I work with at Miller – both in the field and home office as well as customers. When you’ve spent this many years with such wonderful people, it’s tough to walk away.

“Miller has surrounded the company with such great talent in every department. So many people from so many different backgrounds and personalities fill our halls and project sites, yet everyone seems to gel together well.”

Parks especially appreciates the helpful attitude that so many at Miller display.

“You can always find someone in the field, home office or warehouse who can help you or who has an answer to your question, whatever it may be.”

Thank You for Three Decades of Faithful Service!

We thank Tom for serving as Miller’s Secretary for three decades and the many technicians he helped progress in their careers through his work on the Low Voltage Apprenticeship Committee.

After his retirement from Miller Electric, Tom plans to enjoy some of his many hobbies, which include yard work, woodworking, boating, collecting neon lights, cruising in his ’67 Nova and vintage snowmobile drag racing.

Most of all though, he’s looking forward to traveling this coming spring in the new motor coach he and his wife of 26 years, Deb, recently purchased.

We wish Tom the best in his retirement and will strive to carry on his commitment to providing the best product and service possible.

“If it isn’t perfect, it isn’t finished.” – Tom Parks


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