A Day in the Life of Andrew Hagedorn

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Project Manager Andrew Hagedorn Enjoys Navigating Electrical Projects with Precision and Teamwork

Electrical projects may seem like a complex puzzle to those unfamiliar with the field, but for Miller Electric Project Manager Andrew Hagedorn, it’s all about orchestrating a symphony of tasks and collaborating seamlessly with his team. In this installment of our Day in the Life series, Hagedorn sheds light on his daily routine, which often involves navigating the intricate world of data center management and the unique challenges and rewards that come with it.

Mastering Adaptability in a Dynamic Data Center Environment

Hagedorn explains his role of electrical project manager as a blend of data center design, schedule management and problem solving to deliver on unexpected project hurdles or challenging client requests.

“In general, I oversee electrical projects in hopes of making things run as smoothly as possible,” he says. “This includes looking through drawings, submittals, working with engineers if issues or questions arise, attending meetings and walking projects to stay updated.”

Hagedorn especially appreciates the mix of in-person, onsite and computer design work his role allows.

“Going the engineering route would have you sitting behind a computer at a desk all day, every day. As a PM, I really enjoy working in a role that allows me to get onsite for project work, interacting with our field leadership and electricians as well as addressing client or project needs in person.”

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Andrew Hagedorn, Project Manager

They Can’t Teach That in a Textbook

Hagedorn has worked with Miller Electric for his entire career, including as an intern during his final two years of college.

While he appreciates the well-rounded and in-depth education he received as a Construction Management major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in the eight years since he graduated, he’s found that his daily work goes well beyond what traditional education teaches.

“My degree program was excellent at exposing us to a wide range of construction issues. Our knowledge was kind of ‘inch-deep, but mile-wide.’ In this role and being able to glean from so many team members with decades of electrical experience, I’m able to develop knowledge about electrical project management that is a mile-deep, even if our subject is only an inch wide.”

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration in Commercial Electrical Contracting

Hagedorn’s enthusiasm for his job shines bright when he discusses what he likes best.

“I enjoy the people I work with. From my fellow team members to customers and vendors, everyone has a team mentality. You spend a lot of your life at work, and when it feels like others also want to work with you for the benefit of all, rather than against you for their own best interest, it makes everyone’s life much easier and it makes coming to work each day more enjoyable.”

The collaborative atmosphere, sense of camaraderie and mutual support among team members at Miller Electric is a cornerstone of our success and a key part of what has made us a leading commercial electrical contractor with a 110+-year history in the Omaha area.

Still, no job is perfect. Challenges are part of construction. Rather than avoiding them however, Hagedorn embraces them, appreciating the sense of fulfillment that comes from resolving them collaboratively.

“The largest challenges are the unknowns of what each day will bring,” Hagedorn admits. As a master juggler of tasks and schedules, he enjoys prioritizing responsibilities and navigating hurdles, to ensure projects stay on track despite curveballs that inevitably arise.

Every Day Brings Something Different

A typical day for Hagedorn is a dynamic blend of activities, but he particularly enjoys working to ensure electricians can complete their work smoothly, especially in the face of unexpected requirements that prompt last-minute schedule changes.

“Working with Field leaders to ensure they have the information they need to stay productive, ordering material, and walking projects are some of my favorite daily activities,” he shares. Hagedorn also greatly values the opportunity to learn from his colleagues’ extensive experience and knowledge.

Hagedorn’s specialization in data center projects has introduced him to the fascinating realm of medium voltage and intricate power systems. He explains, “There’s a lot of unique work inherent to data center management. From a power perspective, much of it comes with the fact that we are dealing with higher voltage than you’d see in other businesses and certainly in residential homes.”

With data centers constantly evolving to accommodate future demands, Hagedorn and his team must creatively navigate the constant influx of new equipment and technologies.

Helping Write the Next Chapter for Miller Electric

As Hagedorn’s day ends, his sense of accomplishment is palpable. Each challenge conquered, each milestone achieved, contributes to the legacy he helps build.

“We are where we are today for a reason – Miller Electric was built to last more than 100 years ago,” he says. “I just want to be part of keeping Miller going strong for many decades to come.”

With an unwavering spirit, deep-seated passion for the craft, and unyielding commitment to setting the Field up for success, Andrew Hagedorn exemplifies what makes Miller Electric a commercial electrical contractor of choice in the Omaha area.

But he is far from alone.

Every one of the people who come to work each day, both in the Field and in the home office, are leaving an indelible mark on Miller Electric and helping us to continue to deliver the absolute best on every project.


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